Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Love, Don't Hate

Love, Don't Hate

Hatred is a horrible, nasty little thing that festers deep within the soul.

It manifests itself in ugly, dangerous ways, but often hidden behind walls of fake smiles, handshakes and innuendos.

Sometimes its overt, loud, falsely proud and in your face

Case in point - the Rick Perry video doing the rounds online.

For those of you not in the know:
A Texan lawmaker who is running for the American presidency in 2012.
Easy win for him, to spout his hate online, very clearly outlining his disdain of homosexuality hidden behind the veil of advocating religious freedoms.

This is not a message of religious expression.
This is not a message of freedom of speech.

This is Hate.
Pure, dirty, misguided and unnecessary HATE.

Rick Perry - your words influence lives.
They influence young people who are confused, struggling with identity and potentially holding the gun up against their own heads.
Your words spread hate.

Love, Don't Hate!
At the very least, if you can't do that.
Be Quiet.

See below a brilliant video response from a young proud gay American who makes me proud to be a fellow homosexual.

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