Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm gonna be an adventurer!

Today I begin my new adventure - namely the exciting task of creating this blog to try and express what goes on in this brain of mine, and hopefully entertaining all you lovely people along the way.

I've been meaning to create this blog and start this adventure for a very long time. I somehow managed to repress the little voice inside of me telling me to begin writing again, and ultimately sharing my passion for the written word with whoever the hell would read it. For those of you who may know me, and for those of you who don't I kinda have a thing for writing. But I will confess that it has been stifled for too long, until now.

That little voice has become somewhat persistant, and its either that or I may be losing the last vestiges of sanity, which in its own right may prove to be pretty entertaining. So here we are, tentatively having opened the 'flood gates' in my brain and starting the creative process. I warn you it may be a bumpy ride...

Noun: An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
Verb: Engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp. the exploration of unknown territory.'
That being said - I'm going to be using both the noun and verb tense of the word. And god damn, I'm taking you along for the ride. We're going to be engaging in some typically hazardous and exciting activity, namely the exploration and discussion of my every day life and thoughts. I can't promise that it will always make sense, but I do promise that I'll be truthful to myself, and to you, by happily exposing my emotions and thoughts on pretty much everything.
I believe we all have a passion - something that we enjoy doing that fulfills us, challenges us and makes us happy. Mine happens to be writing, sharing the written word and conveying thoughts and opinions on pretty much whatever pops into my head. This has proven to be very dangerous in the past, but very fulfulling. But then I got disctracted - by my job, or my so called decision of career choice. I spent 7 years doing something else, which I thought I was passionate about. I wasnt wrong, but I was misguided. And its taken a while for me to accept that to trully be happy again, I have to use my talent and express my passion.
This blog will be the manifestation of this journey. I hope you'll come along!
I try lead my life with a few simple truths, mantras and values. One of which is to always try to be happy. God knows its easier to be sad, and to focus on the negative. I have been doing this for too long now, and I'm bitch slaping myself back onto the 'straight' and narrow.
Another is to always be true to myself - and I've been succesful in this regard to a certain extent. Friends may label me as 'militant' and 'real' - I don't hide who I am... most of the time. But again, I've been holding back on this. No longer!
I always like when people ask me 'how I am' because most of the time, the word fabulous will be in my response. And I do believe it and most of the time, I am just that. fabulous. But like most people, I have my ups and downs and my good and bay days. But I always try to come back to being fabulous.
Because, being fabulous is being extraordinary. And let's be really honest here. There's a whole lotta 'ordinary' out there, but who the hell wants to be ordinary? I think not.
So that said - reader and friend. I aim on going on this adventure, and being pretty damn fabulous. period.
P.S. The goal is to upload weekly - in return I expect feedback, comments, thoughts, suggestions and adoration. Pretty simple huh!

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