Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Performance Art?

Art, Performance or Erotica?

So what do we classify as art, performance and erotica?

Can they be the same thing, or are there black and white areas?

Being a rather avid fan of blogs and social media, I pick up on pretty much anything gay related, half naked (sometimes fully) men, fashion, music and dance. These are a few of my favorite things as some diva once sang...

So I discovered a Ukranian boy band called Kazaky a few months ago. The premise to their music (and or appeal) is simple:
4 cute, defined and muscular guys
Add Europop trash disco beats
Mix with healthy dose of sexuality
Throw in black leather high heels
You get one major dance and music camp fest - and yes, also a music video.

Please see and watch link attached.

So this appeals to me on many levels. Let's see...
Sexy half naked men - check
Euro pop dance music which I have a weakness for - check
High heels... - that's a whole different post - check
And yeah I then think its pretty damn fabulous

But perving aside, how do you view performances? Why does this appeal to so many gay men.
Is there a 'gay recipe' or have I already mentioned it...

Let me know - down below!
Now dance...

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