Tuesday, 26 July 2011

All Change Please...


So firstly I need to apologize for being completely non-existent and ignoring my blogging duties.
Unfortunately this rather crazy thing called life got in the way, and I was somewhat distracted by some rather large and important things, and also some crazy small irrelevant things... ah the joys of a short attention span.
So kids, like I'm totally sorry!

So on to the next random thought - Change... and no not the small silver coins in your pocket kind, but the big assed, you're actually going to be a little challenged or fucking scared kind...

There has been alot of this kind of change in my life of late. And as much fun as it is being a rather dramatic queen, it has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster ride. Yeeehawwww - shit in your pants.

I sense alot of change coming... some big change and some small change (I'll also take the silvery kind, thank you very much). It leaves me feeling... apprehensive, yet excited.

If I can make the big change happen, it will mean exciting, challenging, learn new things kinda change. Which I think is really important in any one's life. We need to be challenged, motivated and pushed to our boundaries.

Change however, can also be of a negative kind, and how we limit this change is sometimes rather self defeating, but we keep on trying don't we? The question is, is change inevitable as the cliche goes, and how should we embrace or fear this phenomenon?

I would like to embrace the change in the next few weeks. I challenge myself to all change please...

I'll keep you all updated and reveal more when I can. But for the time being... I'd like to challenge you to leave me a comment - how do you feel about change? What has been your biggest/scariest change?

P.S. I promise to be more regular... on this blog, and not necessarily in the toilet kind.

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