Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Gaydar... the 6th Sense.

So this kinda amazing thing happens on a pretty regular basis where by I will suddenly 'sense' another gay... and laugh or scoff (or both in equal measure) if you dare, but I dare say it happens all the time, and I am a firm believer in the power of gaydar!

'Gay dar' noun Informal .
a homosexual's purported intuitive or sensing ability to identify other homosexuals.

Now. this is a pretty big one to discuss, and ask different gays their opinions and you will get a multitude of answers. Does it exist? Does it work? Are there specific signs? Where can I buy it? All valid questions, some easier to answer than others, (unless Abercrombie and Fitch starts selling a fragrance called Gaydar - note to self, write to Marketing Dept for A&F)

My husband would argue that my gaydar is broken, and sure, some days I do get it wrong - damn you Metrosexual European men, dressing, walking, talking and looking like the gays. But, generally on the whole, I think I am pretty good and can 'sense another mo' walking down the street.
My best example and perhaps the most profound was a few years ago when I was at work (consider that my work environment is pretty heavy on the homosexual), I was 'head down' (in paperwork you pig), when my gaydar went 'bing bing bing' and I looked up to find a rather lovely homosexual man in front of me. Now, variable factors aside, I'd like to believe that I had, correctly sensed his approach and perhaps his mine, and that all gay gods were indeed sending their gay powers out there.

People often ask, 'how do you know if someone is gay?' - and granted it is getting alot more difficult these days to answer that question, with the advent of metrosexuality, fashion, grooming and the rise of the gym obsessed male. I personally find it alot easier to spot another 'mo' (that's my slang for homosexual) out of Europe - dunno, perhaps its an African thing. But aside from the blatantly obvious, whereby he may be engaging in some rather explicit sexual interaction with another member of the same sex (minds out of gutters boys............ and I'm back) I do think there is one very specific way to know if someone is gay.

Its all about the eyes...
Yes that's right, and no this is not a mascara placement ad (but it could be if you'd like to pay me)
Invariably, we look at things that attract us and that we want/need/desire  (I'm unsure where the distinctions start and end) and this is often the easiest way to know if someone is gay.
Look where and what he looks at. But its pretty fast and you have to be even faster to notice.

Consider this example - You're in a bar, admiring a rather handsome specimen, but you're unsure if he plays for your team or for the mo's... Watch his eyes. Is he looking at the beautiful blond waitress whose skirt is around her naval, or is he looking at the bartender's whose guns are on display (guns = term for muscley arms). And be quick, because the eye contact is gonna be super fast.

So ladies - my advice - keep looking at the eyes!

But yes, Gaydar does exist and yes, I can tell if the cute guy on the bus next to me is a mo or not.
Do I sometimes get it wrong... absobloodylutely - but to be fair, those gays deserve the confused status. LOL

My fellow gays - what are your thoughts?

Now, on to that new fragrance.........


  1. Good tip about the eyes. It's definitely my "tell". I've always looked at a man's walk. Breeder men kick their feet out to the sides (like a duck). "Mo's" walk with their feet facing forward, parallel to each other. Then there is the easiest gay tell - the mince - or booty wiggle- which is a dead giveaway and generally denotes a flaming fem gay. Flame on! ;)

  2. i do think it exists too. :)